Updates (Aug 31, 2015)

I took off some of the useless links that were really outdated. I'm actually actively studying web technologies again so a new version of this site could happen.

Updates (Feb 16, 2015)

Everytime I've thought about redoing this site I started to work on it I got distracted playing games. So yea, playing Guild Wars 2 is more important. Just sayin! I also took out the web ring stuff. It was redirecting people from my site to the web ring site. So I'm done with them. I also removed the update from punliners and put in pun of the day. Ya'll have pun with that.

April 21, 2007:The spammers made me mad enough that I changed the submit form to include CAPTCHA validation. It wasn't as hard to do as I thought it would be. I hate doing that but I got tired of cleaning up the database. Spammers suck!

IM to a new Level:(March 23, 2007) I found this IM service called IMVU. It is way cool and pretty addictive. Basically it's a 3D chat room with a avatar that you can customize to your hearts content. They also restrict access to more adult oriented sections of the site so it's sort of safe for teens. As always, use your common sense.


Feedback Script (March 3, 2007) I added some CAPTCHA code to the feedback script to cut down on the spam. It's sad that I have to do that. Spammers ruin lots of things for lots of people. Spam sucks! I may have to do this to the pun entry screen too as I get some spam there sometimes too.

Jan 15, 2007:Well, after being mad long enough and lazy long enough, I finally got off my virtual butt and made the site functional again. There's not much in the database in the way of puns so feel free to add all you like. Do take the time to select resonable categories and subjects.

Jan 10, 2006: My hosting company messed up and lost my database. As a result, none of the databse stuff works and you end up getting an ugly error. I expect to have a new host soon. I'll also have to start over with the collection of puns. <sigh>



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